Reconnecting with the Powers of Nature, Nutrition and Movement

What would our lives be like if our days and nights were as immersed in nature as they are in technology? How would we feel if we consistently moved our bodies as is written in our DNA? What if we knew exactly which foods and even which thoughts would fuel performance at our highest level? Just what is our highest level?

Over the past eight years these are the questions that have intrigued me most. Exploring them has become my greatest passion and has led to some of the most fun and enlightening moments of my life.

Through it all, I’ve uncovered a number of simple yet extremely powerful truths. At the root of these truths is nature. Our health, well-being and ability to thrive are all determined by the extent to which we are connected with it.

This is not a new understanding. From the dawn of mankind our ancestors have been down with this. We in the Western world, however, are at a moment in time when we’ve never been more disconnected. Tempted by the lure of technology and the ease of the artificial, in many ways we’ve come to be defined by the symptoms of affluenza and an entirely new crop of health and societal issues we feel ill-equipped to solve.

Then there are those, entire industries even that would lead us deeper down this path. Ironically the health care sector is one of them. By and large, it places irresponsible emphasis on “modern medicine” while forsaking and even contradicting the three other pillars of health: nature, nutrition and movement.

Of course modern medicine holds tremendous value. It cannot, however, stand alone. The further it gets from nature’s answers, the more it will be forced to find solutions to the issues it and the others that would lead us from nature create.

On a far more positive note (phew!), good people around the world are doing great things to integrate nature into our modern lives. Smart people, companies and organizations are seeing the benefits and a movement to reconnect is taking root.

I myself am redoubling my efforts to explore these truths and uncover others. I’ll use this blog to share my findings. It will become a clearing house for the reasons why and the ways how to tap into the powers of nature, nutrition and movement. My aim here is to help as many people as possible reclaim their vitality and live truly high performance lives. 

What it takes to do so is out there. Each week, I’ll explore new ways: how to ingrain health into the rest of your life, achieve flow, “green” your space, reach peak creativity, and on. Over time this blog will contain the road map to a life defined not by our aches and pains or our fears and addictions, but by one in which we are thriving, reconnected and performing at a level we never thought possible.