in 2013, Reconnect Founder, Ret Taylor was profiled in the acclaimed documentary, NATURESCAPE. Directed by climber, adventurer and cinematic savant, Stavros Basis, NATURESCAPE "explores what five nature enthusiasts who live in the city do to bring nature into their lives. Using NYC and its outskirts, these people find their own way to reconnect with the outdoors." 

The film shows Ret living and working in the city and leading the group he founded, Natural Movement NYC. Since 2010, NM NYC has helped thousands of New Yorkers reconnect with nature and the sorts of movements we were all born with but fade as we become "zoo humans" (watch the 5 minute film for more on that!). 

Although Ret's philosophies have evolved since it was filmed, the film does a great job of capturing the fundamentals and provides a fun view into what a natural movement session with Ret looks like. 

You can watch it here: